From it's modest beginnings in 2010 with only three members, Joseph Montgomery, Michael Tiedeman, and Andre Puzio, Team White Tiger has grown and earned recognition not only as a formidable team but one that embodies sportsmanship continuously showing respect to our opponents, their families, judges and to the promoters of Martial Arts Tournaments.
      Master Joseph Montgomery Has always taught TWT members that we are not there to bring home plastic trophies and accolades, but to measure ourselves and improve our skills under pressure. Team members get a laugh out of his pre-tournament pep talk that usually ends with "Do your best, make me proud and I hope you lose". Because to us improvement only occurs when we find someone who is better than we are and train to win against them.

          There are only three rules you must follow, while at a tournament, to be on Team White Tiger and they are:

1. Have Fun.
2. Make A New Friend.
​3. Learn Something New.