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Joseph Montgomery

About North Haven Karate Center in North Haven, CT

Meet Joseph Montgomery

Owner and Chief Instructor at
North Haven Karate Center in North Haven
5th Degree Black Belt

Are you looking for a family-oriented, sporty and high-energy FUN spot for your family to train in? North Haven Karate Center - where nobody sits on the bench! - will provide you with amazing life-skills classes, an outlet for pent up energy, and a friendly atmosphere where you can come together to learn as a community family.

North Haven Karate Center is one of only two locations exclusive to Connecticut that currently offers the internationally acclaimed childrens martial arts curriculum: SKILLZ.

Our Kids Have SKILLZ! The SKILLZ program focuses on using martial arts to develop strong character in children. The curriculum was created after consulting with top experts in child development and psychology, turning martial arts into a powerful character development program.

We believe martial arts is more than punches and kicks. Its an opportunity to help kids become more respectful, focused, responsible, and motivated to tackle whatever life throws their way.

Do you have a homeschool group in need of a positive outlet? We specialize in homeschool groups and have passionate instructors, skilled in working with children of all ages and skill levels.

While we focus mainly on children and families, we do have adult classes as well. And we absolutely LOVE BEGINNERS! Many of our students come to us with no prior fitness or sports experience. Wow, what a turn around the beginner students make!

Whether youre totally new to getting fit, or a seasoned pro in need of some coaching to get you to the next level, our programs will enhance your cardio, get you lean and toned, and mentally prepare you to succeed in life!

Motivation, dedication, and a sense of community togetherness through martial arts fuels our fire to be the best, and offer you the best as well!

While learning super cool self-defense moves youll also boost confidence, learn how to strike and attack, gain flexibility and coordination and have an absolute BLAST in class. High fives can be seen right along with the high kicks in class! Positive motivation, always.

Be sure to check out our class page and read a little more about our individual programs. That way you can see whats right for you and your family or ask us any follow-up questions you may have.

Below is our Owners bio so you can also get a feel for the leadership at the school. Be sure to check out the amazing web offer we have going on now. These offers dont last long and we wouldnt want you to miss out! All of our contact info can be found on the Contact Us page if you need anything at all.

Looking forward to training with you soon!

Master Joseph Montgomery has over 30 years of experience in the Martial Arts and is ranked as a 5th Degree Black Belt. Mr. Montgomerys accomplishments include 7 World Champion titles, the creator and head coach of Team White Tiger National Karate Team, and creator of Cellph-defense, a self-defense system utilizing a cell phone as a weapon.

His expertise includes childrens Martial Arts training and education. As a Martial Arts Instructor, Mr. Montgomery has trained and inspired hundreds of students to reach for and accomplish their goal of a Black Belt ranking, some even going on to become World Champions themselves.

He has volunteered his time as a guest P.E. Teacher and Speaker in local public schools as well. Mr. Montgomerys goal is to make childrens Martial Arts the number one activity that children participate in, because it develops them on the inside as much as it does on the outside.

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Come join our North Haven, CT Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, and Summer Camps. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at 203-980-3342 if you have any further questions. North Haven Karate Center hopes to speak with you soon!

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